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Local Government

Local government plays a central role in shaping local places and providing essential services. The NI Evidence Report 2017 outlines many climate change impacts which are relevant to the responsibilities and services delivered by Local Government. This section introduces:

  • Local Council Adaptation Planning
  • Strategic Actions

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Local Government Adapts

This programme aims to increase the profile of climate change adaptation across councils in NI, and to encourage and support each local council to develop a strategic climate change adaptation plan.  The adaptation cycle shown below illustrates a step by step process which would increase local council’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.


Strategic Actions

To encourage and support local councils to engage in strategic climate change adaptation planning, the table below outline the following actions are planned.

These strategic actions aim to develop a context within which local councils are able to play a key role in raising public awareness and increasing local resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Northern Ireland Adaptation Support Tool

A local council climate change adaptation guidance and support tool developed specifically for the NI context will be made available by Climate NI in 2020. To explore the toolkit and resources further see the NI Adapts website. Here you will find overview of the climate adaptation process, the tools and resources and the work currently being carried out by NI councils.

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