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Warming will affect diet…

Warming will affect diet… 7 August 2017

Nutrition will suffer as warming affects diet
(via Climate News Network)

By Tim Radford

Global warming and climate change are not the only threats linked to greenhouse gas emissions: there is also the knowledge that warming affects diet.

Higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also mean that wheat, rice, maize, potatoes and other staples will grow with lower levels of protein – and by 2050, an extra 150 million  people in 47 countries will be at greater risk of malnutrition.

Four out of five people on the planet depend mostly on grain staples and legumes for dietary protein. The UN estimates that poor nutrition already accounts for around 3 million deaths among young children every year, and experiments show that higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are associated with protein losses of around 5%.

“This study highlights the need for countries that are most at risk to actively monitor their populations’ nutritional sufficiency, and, more fundamentally, the need for countries to curb human–caused CO2 emissions,” said Samuel Myers, a research scientist in the department of environmental health at Harvard University in the US.

He and colleagues report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives that tests of crops grown under high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide show protein decreases of up to 15%.

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