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Walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine 14 May 2018

Walking on sunshine: The pavements that generate solar energy (via BBC News)

The organisers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are backing a Scottish–based project that will have fans walking on sunshine.

The international team, led from Glasgow Caledonian University, is creating pavements that gather energy from the sun.

In a laboratory in Glasgow sits evidence that one Scottish–based team has already qualified for Qatar 2022.

In front of lecturer Dr Azmy Gowaid sits an array of three solar tiles.

He flicks a couple of switches. An array of lightbulbs glows, a cluster of fans whirrs busily.

All powered by such less–than–glorious sunlight as has found its way through the laboratory window.

Solar panels are nothing new but these tiles are designed to lock together in their hundreds to create a solar pavement.

They are coated in a tough epoxy resin and will have a scuff and slip–proof finish in a range of colours.

But why seek solar power beneath people’s feet?

Dr Gowaid says the spread of solar energy means roof space will be a diminishing resource. Meanwhile, cities are getting more dense as electricity demand rises.

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