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UK’s first ‘net–zero’ city?

UK’s first ‘net–zero’ city? 16 May 2019

Glasgow and Edinburgh fight to become the UK’s first ‘net–zero’ city (via BBC News)

Glasgow and Edinburgh are going head–to–head to try to become the UK’s first “net zero” city.

Both cities have now unveiled ambitious plans to cut greenhouse emissions to a neutral level.

Glasgow wants to reach the target “well before” 2045, while Edinburgh has set its target to 2030.

Scottish Power is helping Glasgow with its aims and says a “race to zero” is exactly what is needed to effect a significant change.

The company believes if inner cities can achieve the goal, then any location can.

Both bids exceed the Scotland–wide 2045 ambition announced by the Scottish government earlier this month.

Glasgow’s plans include mass charging points for electric vehicles.

Glasgow City Council and Scottish Power say they will work on a range of programmes to help the city reach the target, including the power giant investing in electric buses.

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