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UK homes powered by wind

UK homes powered by wind 6 October 2020

‘Our seas hold immense potential’: PM pledges to power all UK homes with offshore wind by 2030 (via Business Green)

By Michael Holder

Boris Johnson trails first stage in ‘10–point plan’ for a green industrial revolution, as government confirms new £160m wind turbine manufacturing investment

Boris Johnson is set to deliver a major vote of confidence in the UK’s flourishing offshore wind sector tomorrow in a bid to help the country “build back greener”, confirming a new goal to provide 40GW of capacity from the sector by 2030, backed by £160m of investment in state–of–the–art turbine manufacturing.

The Prime Minister will use his Conservative Party Conference speech tomorrow to trail a hotly–anticipated 10–point plan for a “green industrial revolution” – full details of which are set to be unveiled later this year – as well as announcing a major package of support for offshore wind.

The 10–point plan is expected to include “ambitious targets and major investment into industries, innovation and infrastructure that will accelerate the UK’s path to net zero by 2050”, according to the government, and is widely expected to include new investment in hydrogen technology and carbon capture and storage (CCS), alongside an earlier ban on sales of fossil fuel cars.

Announcing the first stage of the 10–point plan, Johnson will tomorrow confirm a new increased target for 40GW of operational offshore wind power capacity to be delivered by the end of the decade, up from the existing target of 30GW by 2030, and marking a sizeable increase on the 10GW in operation today.

The higher goal is expected to support 60,000 new jobs in the sector – both directly and also indirectly in ports, factories, and supply chains – and comes backed by £160m government investment to upgrade ports and infrastructure in Scotland, Wales and North East England to help support turbine manufacturing and maintenance.

The new 40GW goal comes on top of an additional new target for 1GW of floating offshore wind capacity by 2030 – more than 15 times today’s total capacity worldwide – which would allow turbines to be built further out at sea in deeper waters where winds are often stronger.

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