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UK Floods and Climate Change

UK Floods and Climate Change 21 February 2020

Guest post: Are UK floods becoming worse due to climate change? via Carbon Brief

By Jamie Hannaford 

Once again, lives have been turned upside down by flooding across large parts of the UK, following the exceptional rainfall brought by storms Ciara and Dennis.

With the flood event still unfolding, it is too early to fully assess its magnitude or severity. But we do know that many major rivers have reached their highest levels on record, with the word “unprecedented” being used widely.

These floods come only three months after similarly devastating – and record–breaking – flooding in Yorkshire and the Midlands. The summer of 2019 also saw more localised, but dramatic, flooding in the Peak District and Lincolnshire.

It certainly seems unusual to have such a cluster of extreme floods – and it feels like the term “unprecedented” is wearing thin. One doesn’t need to look back far to find previous “unprecedented” flooding events.

For example, the winter of 2015–16 saw devastating, record–breaking floods in northwest Britain, with the highest recorded daily rainfall and the highest peak river flows recorded in England. 

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