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Triple heat–related deaths

Triple heat–related deaths 12 August 2020

Heat–related deaths could triple because of lack of policy on building safety (via Sky News)

By Lisa Holland

As temperatures soar in Britain there's a warning that tens of thousands of people could die unnecessarily because of a lack of government strategy for keeping buildings at a safe temperature in the heat.

The Committee on Climate Change, which advises the government, told Sky News heat-related deaths could more than triple by 2050.

It says there's no policy for dealing with dangerously high temperatures within buildings - and says people living in flats are most at risk because they're more difficult to keep cool.

It says there are only guidelines and no legal requirement for public buildings such as hospitals to maintain a safe temperature.

Kathryn Brown, from the committee, said: "We're saying that these deaths are preventable, that they're being associated with higher temperatures. And that is in the absence of any further policy.

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