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‘The Climate Consensus’

‘The Climate Consensus’ 13 October 2021

‘The Climate Consensus’: Study reveals widespread public support for ambitious climate policies (via Business Green)

Major polling exercise reveals climate policies that are popular with public would deliver on the government’s goal of cutting emissions by 39 per cent by 2030 on 2019 levels

A major study of public attitudes on the best ways to reduce emissions has revealed there is a significant consensus among the British population on how the country’s near–term climate goals should be met, with sizeable majorities backing policies that would drive down emissions over the course of the next decade.

The study, which has been billed by as the largest analysis of the public’s climate policy preferences in the UK, found that the policies most popular with the public were broadly the same regardless of where the public lived, their income, or political affiliation.

Produced by conservation group WWF and cross–party think tank Demos, the report argues the most popular climate policies in the UK are the introduction of a carbon tax, better public transport, a rapid roll out of affordable low carbon heating systems, and enhanced support for sustainable farming and nature conservation projects.

The survey of more than 20,000 people from across the UK used a carbon calculator tool to ask respondents to choose their preferred policies across a range of areas, such as diet, flying, public transport, and home heating, to ensure the UK meets its legally–binding emissions goals.

Among the other policies shortlisted as favourites by the public were campaigns promoting plant–based food, increased costs for frequent flyers, the deployment of a comprehensive UK–wide electric car and van charging network, and some restrictions on the use of cars in city centres.

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