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Save forests, meet targets

Save forests, meet targets 9 August 2018

Forests that store greenhouse gases must be preserved to meet climate change targets, scientists warn (via The Independent)

By Josh Gabbatiss

Sucking carbon from the atmosphere using new technologies will be vital to protect the planet from climate change, but a new study suggests looking after forests is more important.

Trees store huge amounts of carbon to function as an essential shield against rising temperatures but, surprisingly, some climate experts have said forests should be removed to make way for carbon capture technologies. 

Such methods are considered essential if the planet’s warming is to stay below the most ambitious targets set by international climate agreements.

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is widely regarded as the most cost–effective and viable negative emissions technology on offer.

Power stations using BECCS could grow crops to use as biomass, that could in turn be burned to generate power with the resulting carbon dioxide stored deep underground.

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