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NI Water:Climate Gamechanger

NI Water:Climate Gamechanger 26 January 2021

NI Water: A climate emergency gamechanger

NI Water has launched its plans to harness the unseen potential in hydrogen from water, to help address the climate crisis. The company’s business services director, Alistair Jinks, explains why this regional water provider has decided to put emphasis on research and development in the energy field.

The climate emergency is something everyone wants to see addressed and now is the time to start putting some action behind the sentiment. Yet what can NI Water offer? It is simply a matter of viewing NI Water through a different lens. The new perspective is truly eye opening. 

Most people do not know that NI Water is Northern Ireland’s largest electricity consumer and its second biggest landowner with over 11k hectares and is unique in having over 3000 electricity grid connected sites that are geographically dispersed across the province. Although NI Water has stretching goals to switch to 100% renewable electricity for its own day to day operations by 2027, due to its asset base the company is ideally placed to play a pivotal role in enabling Northern Ireland to significantly reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Could NI Water really be an important foundation stone in Northern Ireland’s Road Map to Net Zero? Well, we do have a range of really practical, affordable and exciting ways we can help society address the climate crisis and build our future economy. One of those is harnessing the benefits of the hydrogen element of our core asset, water.

NI Water’s assets are well placed to enable Northern Ireland’s switch to increased renewable generation of electricity, but there may be even bigger opportunities in oxygen and hydrogen.

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