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New coalmine ‘incompatible’

New coalmine ‘incompatible’ 16 January 2020

Facility threatens UK’s aim to reach net–zero carbon emissions by 2050, report says (via The Guardian)

By Nazia Parveen
Britain’s first new deep coalmine in 30 years is unnecessary and incompatible with UK climate ambitions, according to a report.

The £165m Woodhouse colliery in Cumbria was given cross party–backing in March 2019, leading to protests from climate campaigners who said the mine would harm the UK’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Now a report by the independent thinktank the Green Alliance has found the colliery, along the coast from Whitehaven, will hold back the development of low–carbon steelmaking.

The report, authored by two university professors who specialise in environmental issues, claims that opening a new coalmine would hinder this strategy by ensuring the continued availability of cheap coal.

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