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Limit warming, reduce deaths

Limit warming, reduce deaths 14 September 2018

Limiting warming to 2C would prevent ‘worldwide increases’ in heat–related deaths (via Carbon Brief)

By Daisy Dunne

Restricting global warming to 2C above pre–industrial levels would prevent large increases in temperature–related deaths across much of the globe, a new study finds.

And keeping warming to 1.5C – the aspirational target of the Paris Agreement – would further limit the number of people dying from temperature extremes in some parts of the world, including in southeast Asia and southern Europe.

However, in some countries with a cooler climate, such as the UK, Ireland and Japan, overall temperature–related deaths would be higher at 1.5C of warming than 2C. This is because the additional 0.5C of warming is expected to bring a bigger drop in winter deaths than the increase in deaths in hot summers, the researchers say.

The findings – which draw on data taken from 451 locations in 23 countries – show that, overall, taking steps to meet the 1.5C limit could prevent “a hell of a lot of people” from dying as a result of temperature extremes in tropical countries, a study author tells Carbon Brief.

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