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Leitrim Carbon Inventory

Leitrim Carbon Inventory 25 June 2020

Agriculture, the Commons and Climate Justice (via Green News Ireland)

Is County Leitrim really as “green” as it seems? That was the question we sought to answer with a team of young European researchers who spent six months working to produce the first Irish county-based carbon inventory report of its kind, published last December by Good Energies Alliance Ireland.

The study coincided with Phase 1 of a three-pronged initiative branded Cróga, the Irish word for “brave”, and acronym for “Carbon Resilient Opportunities for Generations Ahead”. In Phase 2, we initiated climate dialogue sessions to catalyse the local community in defining a bottom-up climate action plan. Phase 3 will involve implementing that plan and even replicating it elsewhere.

Why undertake in such an exercise for a county that is peripheral and small in addressing a topic that is bigger than any nation-state? Because the climate and biodiversity crisis will continue to be perceived as distant threats if communities do not have ownership of what is at stake. Grassroots movements fail if the underlying challenge doesn’t become part of the living fibre of the community.

Cròga started with science and numbers. Thanks to the meticulous science of carbon accounting, we found that Leitrim has an annual carbon deficit of about 225,000 tonnes. This means that, each year, activities in Leitrim release into the atmosphere 225,000 tons more than local carbon sinks can absorb. In other words, Leitrim exceeds its “carbon budget” by 52%.

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