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How Irish feel about CC

How Irish feel about CC 6 April 2020

Aware, confused, leaderless: How Irish people feel about climate change now (via Irish Times)

 By Ian McShane

Part one of the 2020 Sign of the Times survey by Behaviour & Attitudes is published by The Irish Times today. The annual snapshot of Irish life combines quantitative and digital qualitative techniques with B&A published data on the economy, health, technology and shopping. The research was conducted in January and February 2020. Today’s findings are on the subject of climate change. Part 2 will appear next week.

Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A) began to consider the format and content of the 2020 Sign of the Times study in January of this year, and signed off on its design in early February. At that stage, we believed that the preceding 12–month period had been a remarkable one.

In Ireland, we were heading into an election that we knew would be won or lost on party policies relating to health, housing, and issues to do with the type of society Ireland had become in recent years. At a European level, 2020 would confirm once and for all the precise nature of Britain’s withdrawal agreement from the EU, with all of the implications that would have for Irish peace and prosperity.

Meanwhile, the climate change agenda had well and truly moved centre stage, with vast tranches of the populace seeking to understand how exactly they should change their behaviour to help reverse its devastating effects on the planet. What a difference a month makes.

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