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Home emissions above average

Home emissions above average 17 April 2018

Carbon emissions from Irish homes almost 60% higher than in Europe (via RTÉ)

By George Lee

A report on energy efficiency has found that carbon emissions from Irish homes are almost 60% higher than the European average.

The report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Irelandalso found that after declining for a decade the typical amount of energy used in Irish homes is on the rise again.

The authority said “an awful lot” more needs to be done to improve our housing stock.

It said Irish homes are using 7% more energy than the European average, but they are responsible for 58% more carbon emissions.

Irish homes are among the biggest in Europe, with the fourth largest average floor area per dwelling.

One of the key reasons for the high carbon emissions is the fuel mix used in Ireland – using more coal, peat and oil than other countries, combined with the fact that Ireland has above–average energy consumption per dwelling.

The SEAI has said there is an urgent need to tackle these issues.

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