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Feeling the Heat – Report

Feeling the Heat – Report 23 September 2021

Feeling the heat: a British Red Cross briefing on heatwaves in the UK

Evidencing the increasing risk of heatwaves in the UK, exploring public perceptions, and setting out solutions.

The UK is getting hotter. As a result of climate change, heatwaves are becoming longer and more extreme, and many people’s health and wellbeing are suffering as a result.

Our reportFeeling the Heat, summarises trends, consequences and solutions relating to extreme heat in the UK. The research draws on existing literature, expert interviews, and the results of a new survey of 2,000 UK adults exploring public awareness of heatwaves in the UK.

Impacts of heatwaves can be serious, but they are also preventable and they don’t need to be deadly. However, the research highlights a ‘perception gap’ in the UK, on the health impacts of heat, and suggests more work is needed to inform people about the risk of extreme heat, and the ways in which they may be at risk.

The report sets out a number of simple steps people can take to protect themselves and others from extreme heat, as well as making recommendations for policymakers.

Read more and find the report here.