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EV incentive for cab drivers

EV incentive for cab drivers 12 March 2018

Black cabbies to get £1,550 car tax break a year early to ditch diesel and go electric (via The Sun)

By Joe Finnerty

Cars costing over £40,000 face a £310 a year surcharge on vehicle excise duty for the first five years under laws introduced last year.

But any cabbies buying the new all–electric TX black cab built by LEVC – costing around £55,000 – or the upcoming Metrocab won’t have to pay.

The tax break was initially announced in the Budget last November with plans to bring it in from April 2019.

But the government has dragged this forward a year to convince taxi drivers to clean up their act and ditch older diesels.

It’s estimated that if just one switches to a zero emission vehicle, it would rid the country of seven tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

With over 75,000 black cabs operating in England alone, a large shift to electric cabs would slash emissions massively.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond said: “We’re backing Britain’s black cab drivers to go green. This is a victory for the environment and new technologies, which I am determined to support as we build an economy fit for the future.

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