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Council’s renewable power

Council’s renewable power 3 April 2020

Hackney Council announces it is fully powered by renewables (via BusinessGreen)

By Cecilia Keating

Hackney Council has this week revealed that it is now sourcing all of its electricity from wind and solar sources.

The clean energy milestone places it among a small number of councils that are fully powered by renewables, according to Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville.

 “Even in the difficult times we are living through we must still take the long–term action we need to reduce our energy consumption and switch to cleaner energy,” he said, noting that the London council has made “significant progress” towards a range of decarbonisation targets.

These include a plan to reduce emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 compared to 2010 and reach net zero emissions 10 years later.

A new publicly–owned energy services company, Hackney Light and Power, was launched by the council in November and is charged with the borough’s decarbonisation initiatives, including the installation of rooftop panels on council buildings and a programme to provide residents with free insulation and trial renewable heating upgrades.

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