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Complacency threatens action

Complacency threatens action 10 April 2017

Complacency threatens climate change action (via Climate News Network)

By Terry Macalister

The world is “meandering into a failed future” because of its unwillingness to take decisive action on climate change, a leading UK academic has warned.

Kevin Anderson, a professor of energy and climate change at Manchester University, UK, criticises oil companies for pushing an agenda of complacency.

But, more unusually, he also blames academics, journalists and even some green groups for encouraging a belief that renewable power or other simple solutions can counter global warming.

In an interview with Climate News Network, Anderson denies he is being alarmist or hardline.

But he argues that there is a 95% chance that climate change action will not be robust enough to hold the growth in the Earth’s warming below the 1.5°–2°C target agreed at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.

Signs of misguided thinking in the UK, he says, include the government’s support for shale gas drilling and for building a third runway at Heathrow, London’s main airport.

“The runway at Heathrow, shale gas − these are completely incompatible with Paris,” Anderson says. “And yet no doubt some academics say they will fit because they will have a rose–tinted view of some mythical future that things can be put in place.”

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