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Climate NI on UTV 31 October 2021

Up Close: How NI can be a world leader in tackling climate crisis

Up Close – The Climate Emergency aired on Tuesday 19th October 8pm – UTV, watch on demand.

Northern Ireland may be small, but it produces more carbon emissions per head of population than China – on the other hand, it is up there with the world leaders when it comes to renewable energy.

In a special climate edition, ahead of the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, UTV’s Up Close examines the efforts already being made locally to play a part in tackling the crisis unfolding around a world increasingly under threat.

Northern Ireland may not be enduring the worst effects of global warming, but it is far from immune, as unpredictable heatwaves and sporadic but intense flash floods show.

“There’s rarely a year goes by now when something notable doesn’t happen at some point in the year,” Met Office forecaster John Wylie tells programme presenter Jordan Moates.

“Climate change is very much something that is happening in Derry, Dromore, Lisburn, Newry, Belfast, outside your front door…”

And in a region where farming plays such a major role in the economy and in the fabric of everyday life for its many rural communities, erratic weather is much more than just an inconvenience.

Experts say we will simply have to move on from old ways of doing things and look to new, greener technology and innovations to live and work more sustainably.

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