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Climate fills WEF risk list

Climate fills WEF risk list 16 January 2020

Climate crisis fills top five places of World Economic Forum’s risks report via The Guardian

By Larry Elliott

A year of extreme weather events and mounting evidence of global heating have catapulted the climate emergency to the top of the list of issues worrying the world’s elite.

The World Economic Forum’s annual risks report found that, for the first time in its 15–year history, the environment filled the top five places in the list of concerns likely to have a major impact over the next decade.

It said the top five risks in terms of likelihood in the next 10 years were:

  • Extreme weather events with major damage to property, infrastructure and loss of human life.

  • Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation by governments and businesses.

  • Human–made environmental damage and disasters, including environmental crime, such as oil spills and radioactive contamination.

  • Major biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse with irreversible consequences for the environment, resulting in severely depleted resources for humankind as well as industries.

  • Major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and geomagnetic storms.

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