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Climate Assembly – Covid–19

Climate Assembly – Covid–19 15 May 2020

Climate Assembly UK to consider Covid–19 impacts in final net zero policy discussions (via Business Green)

By Michael Holder

Members gear up for final weekend of discussions before drawing up net zero policy recommendations later this summer

Members of the public appointed by Parliament to help decide on the most effective policies that could put the country on the path to net zero emissions by 2050 are set to take part in the final weekend of online discussions before drawing up their recommendations for MPs.

The final stage of deliberations had originally been scheduled for March, but following the coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdown the meeting was postponed and moved online in order to allow the Citizens Assembly UK to complete its work via video conferencing.

And now, as the group gears up for their last weekend of discussions, the 107 Assembly members are set to check over and finalise their preferred pathway towards UK’s statutory 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target, which is then set to be delivered to MPs and government ministers for consideration.

To date, Assembly members have heard from a raft of experts in different areas of climate policy, covering energy, transport and agriculture, as well as hard to decarbonise sectors such as heating, heavy industry, shipping, and aviation.

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