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Clean Growth Plan…

Clean Growth Plan… 12 October 2017

Clean Growth Plan could see stamp duty incentive for homeowners (via BBC News)

Stamp duty in England may be changed to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient.

Energy minister Claire Perry told the BBC householders would face “carrots and sticks” to prompt them into saving on heating bills and carbon emissions.

It may form part of a plan by ministers to get about a million homes a year renovated during the next two decades.

The government will fail to meet its climate change laws unless it can cut emissions from household heating.

The proposals are part of the government’s long–delayed Clean Growth Plan, being published on Thursday, which defines how it aims to reduce carbon emissions across the whole economy.

As part of the the Climate Change Act, the government needs to cut CO2 emissions by 57% from 1990 levels by 2050.

A recent report called for radical policies to incentivise homeowners – such as fining people who sell cold, draughty homes, or introducing a variable stamp duty to reward those who have insulated their homes and punish those who have not.

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