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Clean energy from mushrooms?

Clean energy from mushrooms? 8 November 2018

Climate change: Bug covered ‘bionic mushroom’ generates clean energy (via BBC News)

By Matt McGrath

US researchers have successfully tested the rather whacky idea of producing electricity from a mushroom covered in bacteria.

The scientists used 3D printing to attach clusters of energy–producing bugs to the cap of a button mushroom.

The fungus provided the ideal environment to allow the cyanobacteria to generate a small amount of power.

The authors say their fossil–free “bionic mushroom” could have great potential.

As researchers the world over search for alternative energy sources, there has been a sharp rise in interest in cyanobacteria.

These organisms, widely found in the oceans and on land, are being investigated for their abilities to turn sunlight into electrical current.

One big problem is that they do not survive long enough on artificial surfaces to be able to deliver on their power potential.

That’s where the humble button mushroom comes in.

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