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A “sparkling idea”

A “sparkling idea” 5 January 2018

Champagne makers plan to tackle global warming with hybrid grapes (via Sky News)

By Maddii Lown

Winemakers in France are planning to introduce a new hybrid grape to offset the effect global warming is having on the production of champagne.

Over the past 20 years, vineyards have moved harvest dates ahead by two weeks amid fears that rising temperatures will harm the luxury bubbly, which relies on cold temperatures during production.

In a bid to futureproof the industry, winemakers are researching how to create a new grape that can resist higher temperatures and mature more slowly.

It is hoped the hybrid of chardonnay, pinot noir, meunier and other grapes will also cut the risk of mildew and fungus.

Thibault le Mailloux, from the Committee of Champagne, told Sky News: “We are adapting practices for the climate change currently and we are also working on improving our own environmental footprint.

“But basically climate change doesn’t affect the style of champagne at the moment because we still can adapt, both by ploughing the ground, changing harvest dates.”

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