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9 things you can do about CC

9 things you can do about CC 19 November 2019

9 things you can do about climate change (via The Grantham Institute)

By The Grantham Institute

With so many experts on climate change here at Imperial, many people ask us what they personally can do about it? And how does this fit into the bigger picture? 

We spoke to our scientists at the Grantham Institute and drew up a list of the most achievable ways you personally can make a difference. While individuals alone may not be able to make drastic emissions cuts that limit climate change to acceptable levels, personal action is essential to raise the importance of issues to policymakers and businesses.

Using your voice as a consumer, a customer, a member of the electorate and an active citizen, will lead to changes on a much grander scale.

  1. Make your voice heard by those in power 

  2. Eat less meat and dairy

  3. Cut back on flying

  4. Leave the car at home

  5. Reduce your energy use, and bills

  6. Respect and protect green spaces

  7. invest your money responsibly

  8. Cut consumption – and waste

  9. Talk about the changes you make


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