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8 designs that respond to CC 18 October 2017

Eight designs that respond to the threat of climate change (via Dezeen)

By Amy Frearson

As part of Good Design for a Bad World, a series of talks we are hosting with Dutch Design Week, we will ask whether designers can help to solve climate change. Here are eight ideas already developed.

Taking place in Eindhoven on 21 and 22 October, Good Design for a Bad World will examine five global issues and discuss ways that designers can raise awareness of them, mitigate their side effects and even solve them.

Moderated by Dezeen founder and Dutch Design Week international ambassador Marcus Fairs, the discussion focused on climate change will include speakers Richard van der Lacken, co–founder of What Design Can Do and initiator of the Climate Action Challenge; Lonny van Ryswyk, designer and co–founder of Atelier NL; and Babette Porcelijn, industrial designer and author of the book De Verborgen Impact.

It takes place at the People’s Pavilion at KetelHuisplein 1, in the Strijp–S district of Eindhoven, at 12pm on Saturday 21 October.

Ahead of the talk, we’ve identified eight innovative proposals that designers have already put forward, from a floating house to a colour–changing T–shirt.


Image via Dezeen

The Soul of Nørr by SLA and Ramboll

The increased risk of flooding brought on by climate change prompted this proposal by landscape studio SLA and engineering firm Ramboll, for a Copenhagen neighbourhood.

By developing a network of sunken basins and water–purifying planting, the team hope to show how a city can adapt to the threat of torrential rain.

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