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£5.2bn for flood defences

£5.2bn for flood defences 29 July 2021

Record £5.2bn England flood defence package unveiled as climate warnings intensify

By Cecilia Keating, Business Green

Government ramps up funding for England’s flood and coastal resilience, alongside reforms to flood insurance for home owners and stricter planning guidance for developers

The government plans to spend a record £5.2bn on flood defences over the next six years across England as it gears up for extreme weather becoming an increasingly regular fixture of the British calendar due to climate change.

The Environment Agency today said it planned to spend £860m over the next year alone on more than 1,000 schemes across England, an increase of £250m on the last 12–month period and its highest ever annual investment in flood and coastal management.

A significant portion of the extra funds unlocked for 2021–2022 is earmarked for regions particularly hard hit by flooding and storms in recent years, with Yorkshire and the Humber to receive £40m and the England’s North West £53m.

The record funding pledges were unveiled in the Environment Agency’s new Flood and Coastal Erosion Investment Plan published today, which sets out a target to better protect 336,000 properties, avoid £32bn in economic damages and reduce the national flood risk by 11 per cent by 2027.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said it was important to take action “right across the system” to bolster the nation’s preparedness to floods, pointing to the catastrophic floods earlier this month in western Germany and Belgium which took nearly 200 lives.

“The tragic recent events in Germany and Belgium serve as a sobering reminder of how devastating flooding can be,” he said. “We are standing by communities and will bolster defences against flooding across England with many thousands more properties better protected by 2027.”

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