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Mark Browne

Principal Consultant at Mark Browne Consulting
20 Ardigon Road


I was responsible for Sustainable Development at the Construction Employers Federation, developing our policy and training to keep the industry abreast of Sustainability.

Have analysed and responded to government consultations on renewable energy incentive schemes on behalf of the renewables sector in association with Action Renewables.

Have carried out solar PV surveys and designed Solar PV configurations using PV Sol.

Have received training in energy efficiency surveys.

Have participated in working groups of the Green New Deal for Northern Ireland.

Carried out a Post Project Evaluation of the Smart ECO Hub. This was an EU funded cross–border project to develop a network of 100 Green–Tech firms working with Acedemia and Government.

Supported a successful EU Horizon 2020 funding bid for participation in a consortium to put in place an EU funded energy storage project in the Lecale Area (Co Down).

Interested in...


  • Sustainable Development
  • Renewables