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Paddy Brow

Head of Living With Water Programme
Department for Infrastructure/NI Water

Mitigation, Adaptation, Strategy

Tell us about your background and your current role…

Development of NI Water’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans. Communication of climate change impacts and the resulting responsibilities of infrastructure providers. Establishing and leading Climate Change Corporate engagement processes. Integrating climate change planning into asset standards, project scoping, capital investment plans, and strategic investment plans. Incorporating consideration of climate change into drainage policy and design.
Policies and strategies to promote SuDS.

With regard to climate change what are the current issues facing your sector/area of expertise?

A) Increased instances of out of sewer flooding, fluvial and pluvial flooding – The 2011 Ofwat Report ‘Future Impacts on Sewer Systems in England’ states ‘the combined effects of climate change, growth and urban creep will lead to a median increase in 1:10 year sewer flood volumes of 51% by around 2040 compared with current predicted flooding’.

B) Impacts of climate change on the raw water quantity and quality from drinking water catchments – this will drive up treatment costs and force investment to maintain the supply/demand balance.

With regard to climate change, what do you expect the future issues and solutions to be in your sector/area of expertise?

How to secure the capital investment necessary to adapt.