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Geraint Ellis

Professor, School of Natural and Built Environment and Director of Sustainable Built Environment
Queen’s University Belfast

Planning, Renewables, Walkability

Tell us about your background and your current role…

I am a geographer and planner who teaches and researches environmental sustainability at QUB. I have a background as a planner and community development worker in the UK and in Southern Africa and am active in the voluntary sector (e.g. Belfast Healthy Cities, Transition Town Whitehead). I also edit the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

With regard to climate change what are the current issues facing your sector/area of expertise?

There is a current lack of effective evidence–based planning that could help mitigate and adapt our societies to the long term challenges of climate change. This is not currently happening and the key issues are (still) to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change and secondly, convince politicians and the public that effective regulation has a key role in addressing this.

With regard to climate change, what do you expect the future issues and solutions to be in your sector/area of expertise?

Community acceptance of renewables (especially wind), local and strategic environmental threats from fracking, continued displacement of environmental assets for the sake of poor quality economic development.