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Eric Randall

Bryson Recycling

Recycling, Waste

Tell us about your background and your current role…

Eric has played a key role in pioneering new approaches to kerbside recycling and has been a strong advocate for delivery of high quality end products that are suitable for local reprocessing.

• Awarded MBE in 2006 for “Services to Waste Management”
• Board Member of the NI Waste Management Advisory Board for three years
• Board member of Resource Association
• Over 22 years’ experience in recycling
• BSc Hons in Environmental Sciences, Bradford University
• Masters in Business Administration, University of Ulster, Jordanstown

With regard to climate change what are the current issues facing your sector/area of expertise?

One of the current issues within waste management with regard to climate change is the landfilling of collected residual waste which results in the release of methane from the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials. Methane is around 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It is imperative that waste delivered to landfill is reduced dramatically to decrease waste emissions and the waste of resources.

With regard to climate change, what do you expect the future issues and solutions to be in your sector/area of expertise?

The move towards zero waste is slowly taking hold. This would equate to all waste being diverted from landfill and treated as a valuable resource thus achieving a circular economy. In the UK there are food waste bans to landfill in place with further stringent measures to come into effect. Local Authorities have targets to reach 50% recycling rates by 2020 and 70% recycling rates by 2025.