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This Month’s Featured Expert

March 2017

Diarmuid Torney

Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government
Dublin City University

Climate-Change, Politics

Tell us about your background and your current role…

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University. I hold an MPhil and DPhil (PhD) in International Relations from the University of Oxford. I am a member of the Royal Irish Academy’s Climate Change and Environmental Sciences Committee, and a member of Future Earth Ireland, the trans–disciplinary national working group of Future Earth. I am also a Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance Project.

With regard to climate change what are the current issues facing your sector/area of expertise?

Some of the key barriers to effective responses to climate change are political and institutional. Political science aims to shed light on these factors.

With regard to climate change, what do you expect the future issues and solutions to be in your sector/area of expertise?

My research looks at the factors that enable and constrain governance responses to climate change. By doing so, we can learn lessons from effective responses across different jurisdictions and translate those responses into effective action in other jurisdictions.