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Centre for Sustainability, Equality & Climate Action
Dr Stelios Grafakos: ‘The Promise of Green Growth’

Thu 25th March 2021 - Thu 25th March 2021, Online

The Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action and the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social work at Queen’s University Belfast invites you to a forthcoming lecture on

‘The Promise of Green Growth: A Pathway to Prosperity while Achieving National and Global Ambitions’

Dr Stelios Grafakos, Global Green Growth Institute

Thursday 25th March 8, 10.30am (GMT)

This century will bear witness to a profound global transformation—and there are critical choices to make in determining what direction that transformation will take. Across the world, countries are starting to rethink their options for long–term development strategies, given rising concerns about the global environment, the need to sustain and protect their environment and natural capital, and the desire to promote robust, inclusive social development. Recognizing that conventional, resource–intensive economic growth can undermine their resource base and social progress, countries are increasingly turning to green and low–carbon growth as their best option for long–term sustainability, social well–being, and economic prosperity. This lecture will talk about the main global environmental challenges, with main focus on the climate crisis and discuss how governments can address these challenges by following green and low carbon growth pathways.

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25 March 2021 10:30 – 11:45 GMT