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The Power of Water Report Launch

Wed 3rd November 2021, ICC Belfast

Join a big conversation virtually and be part of the network seeking to crystalise a roadmap for Northern Ireland’s transition to a low–cost, low–carbon circular economy – one that’s genuinely capable of competing in the global marketplace.

Making Northern Ireland self–sufficient

NI Water is one of the largest electricity users in Northern Ireland. We started our climate journey with the vision to drive down carbon and look at the immediate environmental impact we could achieve on the climate emergency within NI Water, but we quickly came to realise this would have a lasting and larger impact if we worked in partnership with the other main drivers of the NI Economy.

To kick start this discussion, NI Water is planning to share some examples of the innovative work it has done internally, harnessing its assets to demonstrate how Northern Ireland could transition from a high carbon, high energy cost economy to one which is low carbon, affordable energy and can act as the springboard for the highly skilled circular economy of the future.

Northern Ireland has been making progress in recent years in beginning the transition to renewable energy, mainly using wind. That transition will only be complete when our power network no longer depends on fossil fuels for security of supply.

Join us to share and explore how through a combination of innovation and collaboration we can all make that transition complete.

Power of Water report

The Power of Water report will set out not just what NI Water believes is achievable, but how Government, the Utilities, Regulators, and business working in partnership and collaborating, can ensure Northern Ireland could become a world leader in the way it produces and uses energy in the low carbon era.


09:00 – 10:30