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Resilient Cities 2017 – The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation

Thu 4th May 2017 - Sat 6th May 2017, Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn, Germany

On November 10th at the Global Climate Action day on Cities and Human Settlements, ICLEI facilitated the resilience work stream in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior and the Fonds Mondial pour le Développement des Villes (FMDV). A showcase event presented initiatives on Resilience and Human Settlements providing an update on key global activities designed to accelerate and scale–up local adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Policy dialogues engaged participants in discussions regarding ensuring synergy among Paris Agreement, the New Urban Agenda and Sendai Framework Policy in the context of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; and finally financing urban resilience through local, subnational, national, regional, global and private resources to enhance access and performance of local/urban resilience investments.

Mayor Sumptoh of Port Vila, Vanuatu summarized the outcomes from the discussions at the High Level Action Day on November 17th. The webcast of the event is available. One of the proposals for action of the day includes the use of inputs from the annual Resilient Cities congress in Bonn to enrich elements on resilience in official United Nations processes coming up in 2017 and 2018.

Read the highlightsfinal report or UN press release and webcast of the day. 

For more information on the Agenda of the Day, follow the link. See “Best of” photos from the day.

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