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Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
Next steps for decarbonising UK heat and heat networks – expansion, buildings decarbonisation, consumer protection, and policy and regulatory priorities

Thu 13th January 2022, Online

This conference will examine policy priorities for heat networks in the UK – looking at the next steps for decarbonisation, the future of markets and consumer protection, and the action needed to modernise infrastructure, expand connections, and build a sustainable and resilient energy system.

We are pleased to be able to include a keynote contribution from David Capper, Director, Clean Heat Directorate, BEIS.

The discussion is taking place in the context of the Government’s Energy White Paper, which sets out the long–term outlook for the development of the UK energy system up to 2050, and will be a timely opportunity to consider the white paper’s proposals for heat policy.

Delegates will also consider the role of reform to building standards in the UK and the Future Homes Standard on the outlook for heat decarbonisation.

Overall, sessions in the agenda look at:

  • policy priorities – UK–wide heat decarbonisation, scaling up district heating rollout, and achieving long–term goals for 2050 heat and energy system modernisation
  • heat network expansion – the business case, and addressing barriers to infrastructure delivery, material costs, and conventional heat grid integration
  • low–carbon heat in housing and other buildings – latest thinking on retrofit, decarbonising old stock, improving energy efficiency standards, and utilising emerging energy technologies
  • heat market framework design – next steps for standardising entry rules, supporting tariff and stakeholder competition, and boosting attractiveness for investor engagement
  • regulation – options for regulator duties and scope, setting enforceable standards, and reducing market complexity
  • consumer protection – modernising property management responsibilities, consumer rights, and the fair distribution of district heating costs

£190 plus VAT

9:00 – 13:00