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NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability and AIHI
Exploring the Nexus of Climate Change, Human Health, and Healthcare System

Thu 2nd December 2021 - Thu 2nd December 2021, Online

 About this event

The evidence that human activities are driving change in our environment is becoming undeniable. As the earth’s climate changes, we can expect more heat waves, fires, floods, droughts, and other extreme weather events. These events will have immediate and longer–term negative impacts on people’s physical and mental health, which will increase the demand for healthcare services. How can healthcare systems cope with this rising demand?

The healthcare system also negatively impacts our environment. In Australia, the healthcare systems account for ~7% of the country’s total carbon footprint with hospitals and pharmaceuticals being major contributors. In addition, up to 40% of the care given is unnecessary, providing little– to no– benefit or even harming the patient. This wasteful care uses energy and releases greenhouse gases further increasing the systems’ environmental impact. What can we do to rein in the healthcare systems’ carbon footprint?

In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss the challenges presented by climate change and explore solutions to improve human health and create more resilient healthcare systems. The panel discussions will be moderated by ABC reporter Sophie Scott.


2 December 2021 2:00 AM – 6:30 AM GMT