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Coastal Resilience to Flood and Erosion Hazard: a demonstration for England

Wed 28th October 2020, Online

Resilience – or the ability to bounce back – is  often stated as a desirable attribute of coastal systems and, as a concept, is increasingly prominent in policy documents. However, there are conflicting ideas on what constitutes resilience and its operationalisation within the framework of coastal management.

In this webinar, we show how coastal resilience to flood and erosion hazard could be measured and applied within policy–making processes, using England as a case study. We define resilience pragmatically, in economic, environmental and social terms, integrating what is presently a disparate set of policy objectives. Our definition includes several dimensions of resilience and we develop a set of composite indicators for each of these, grounded empirically with reference to national geospatial datasets.


12:00 – 13:00