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Climate Change Committee
Climate risk and adaptation: People, health systems and the built environment

Wed 8th September 2021, Online

Please join us for an online session to discuss how the UK population will be affected by climate change and how these risks are modified by the built environment. We will discuss the priority risks identified in the Independent Assessment of the UK Climate Risk.

High temperatures are affecting health and wellbeing, with more than 2,500 deaths caused by the 2020 heatwaves. Yet, there has been little progress in addressing the increasing risks from overheating in our houses, health and care facilities, schools and prisons. Despite progress on flood risk management, flooding from rivers, surface water and the sea remains a major risk to people and we discuss how these risks may evolve in the future.

During this event we will hear from the lead authors of the Health, Communities and the Built Environment chapter of The Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Technical Report – Sari Kovats and Rachel Brisley.


10:00 – 11:00