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Climate Week
Climate Week 2013

Mon 4th March 2013 - Sun 10th March 2013, Nationwide

Climate Week is a supercharged UK wide occasion for everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet and create a secure future. To help create a real cultural shift across Northern Ireland, we need the support of organisations from every part of it. You can get involved during Climate Week in any way you want – perhaps doing something that’s relevant to you or your group or organisation, and the type of work you do. It’s a chance for you to highlight what you or your organisation are doing to combat climate change.

You can use the week to:

  • Position your organisation as offering leadership onclimate change in your sector, community or the media.
  • Run an event profiling your own projects and products to the audiences that matter to you – whether they’re stakeholders or staff, customers or the community, members or media.
  • Contribute real value to the way society addressesclimate change by sharing your work with others who work in the same field, share the same interests or live in the same area.
  • Bring benefits to your organisation – by boosting stakeholder engagement, media coverage or staff morale.
  • Enter the Climate Week Awards and gain additional recognition for your work.
  • Take part in the Climate Week Challenge as a fun way to engage pupils, students and work colleagues.

For ideas on what activities you can run for Climate Week 2013see the Climate Week 2013 Things to do Guide, or for sector specific ideas use the ideas bank.

If you feel inspired to run a Climate Week event in Northern Ireland, please let us know, we will help publicise the event for you on our website and make it part of a the regional movement for change!



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Climate Week 2013
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