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Climate Risk Summit

Wed 29th September 2021 - Fri 1st October 2021, Online

The impacts of climate change are now being felt in communities around the world, with extreme weather resulting in loss of life and devastation. Continued global temperature rise brings the threat of crossing climate tipping points with catastrophic implications. And there is now an increased understanding of the systemic nature of climate risks and the danger of amplification through cascades of interacting risks propagating through global society. It is therefore imperative to properly characterise the full extent of climate risks and to identify effective strategies to build resilience to climate hazards.

The Climate Risk Summit will provide a forum for discussion of these climate risk topics. It aims to bring key climate risk information to the attention of a wide audience in advance of COP26, including policy makers and negotiators, both nationally and internationally. In addition, the summit will build capacity in the community of climate change academic experts in communicating risk effectively to different audiences.


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