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Effective stakeholder engagement: ECR skills workshop

Thu 2nd November 2017 - Fri 3rd November 2017, Egrove Park, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 5NY

Target participation: early career researchers working on adaptation and resilience in the built environment and infrastructure sectors.

To enhance the uptake, use and impact of their work researchers must be able to identify and engage with stakeholders in policy, practice and academic communities. The nature of this engagement may vary from keeping in touch with developments to complex co–production of outputs but it is generally agreed that engagement – initiated early and sustained throughout the overall research process – ensures expertise on both sides is used to deliver useful outputs in a timely manner. This workshop will explore in detail various approaches to stakeholder engagement – from identifying key players and considering the initial approach through to the development and use of final outputs.

The workshop is the sixth in the series will be structured around facilitated sessions each focussing on a different element of stakeholder engagement. It will include discussions and practical challenges to allow participants to build on their own expertise and to put the concepts being explored into practice.

We hope participants will gain a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of dedicated stakeholder engagement activities that will enhance the value of their own research and outputs. Past participants have spoken of the value of these workshops in building confidence in approaching stakeholders, in helping to develop a broader perspective on how research outputs are viewed and used, and in identifying specific approaches that can be incoprorated into their own research.

  • “ Now we can discuss impacts and interaction with business and industry on a more informed level. We know that language now”
  • “The ECR course was probably the best piece of training I have done. Really excellent. I’m seeing more and more of what I and my colleagues got from it.”
  • “When we went in [to the ECR event], we were seeing research from our perspective. When we came out of it, I felt like we saw it from a perspective of government, of industry, people who were looking at it…”

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