NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

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NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

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Step Four

Take Action


  • Develop the monitoring and evaluation framework for the adaptation plan


  • Develop KPIs for the plan which include evaluating understanding of the plan, the impact of the actions and scope any additional detailed projects or data requirements to enable the next round of adaptation planning.


The real formulation of the plan takes place here, through development of a Risk Register and Action Plan. These form the basis of the adaptation plan, including timescales and any costing you choose to include. This must then be validated by heads of services involved and adopted through the means required by your organisation.

It is at this stage, after the development of your action plan, that data gaps will have been discovered and can be addressed, site-specific detailed work can be undertaken and the level of internal capacity and understanding can be developed. Completion of this adaptation plan is just the first step in a continuous process of improvement and review for your council over the decades to come.

Step Four Complete

he ‘adaptation lead’ now has some tasks to complete before the next workshop. Step 3 involves using the list of risks to create risk statements which express the key issues for your organisation. These statements form the basis of your risk register, and this in turn is the basis for developing your first action plan. It could be useful to delegate some writing to other working group members if possible.

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